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Bring small businesses together for in-person or online networking events to help foster the creation of meaningful relationships.

What is the Alignable Alliance?

The Alignable Alliance provides small businesses the chance to network, build relationships, and collaborate at the local level. It is a fast growing network across the US and Canada and made up of and supported by Alignable members who are engaging with fellow small business owners in their local communities and beyond.

Alliance Ambassadors have the exciting opportunity to lead their local Alliance and expand the Alignable network in their local towns and cities.

Alliances bring the Alignable experience offline and into the spaces of your local community, as well as enhance the online Groups experience where you’ll be able to keep the momentum going.
photo of small business owners meeting at a local alignable alliance event

What is an Alignable Alliance Ambassador?

Ambassadors are Alignable members who are especially dedicated to the success of small business owners in their backyard and beyond. They are committed to helping to cultivate a strong and vibrant local community through the successful use of Alignable.

Being an Ambassador will not only help bring visibility to the businesses in your community, but you’ll also have the unique opportunity to grow your leadership experience, collaborate with the Alignable team, and expand your connections with fellow small business owners.
photo of small business owners meeting at a local alignable alliance event holding up a OneMainStreet Sign

Why Be An Ambassador?

Set yourself apart as a leader in your community and on Alignable.
Expanded status and visibility for you and your business on and off Alignable.
Exclusive access to networking opportunities with other Ambassadors and members of the community.
100 connection credits per month on your Premium Alignable account.
Get an Ambassador badge on your profile.

The Application Process

Attend an Online
Info Session
Submit Your
Ambassador Application
Take Alignable's
Ambassador Course
Plan your first
Ambassador Event

What do we look for in ideal ambassadors?

In order to qualify as an Alliance Ambassador, we’ve outlined four key qualifications which will be considered when reviewing your application.

What is expected of Ambassadors?

Grow and engage the Alignable community in your neck of the woods.
Help small businesses be successful.
Participate in weekly Ambassador meetings
(Tues 12:30 PM EST)
Organize and host at least one local online or in-person event per month.
Engage your local Alignable community by starting 2 discussions per month.
photo of small business owners meeting at a local alignable alliance event

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